Men Fight Each Other In The Street After One Grabbed The Other’s Girlfriend’s Breasts. Photos

A Pair of tourists battered each other in the street outside a bar after one grabbed the other’s girlfriend breasts and asked for a threesome. The men had been drinking and having a curry with their Thai girlfriends at an Indian restaurant in notorious Pattaya, Thailand, in the early hours of this morning.
The lad in a white shirt was sitting at the bar after finishing food when he reached over to his friend’s partner and squeezed her breasts, saying he ”wanted to try this one”. But this pal in blue reacted angrily and attacked his pal inside the bar then again in the road – kicking him, throwing him on the floor and pummelling his face until ”blood was pouring out”. The brawl between the two lads – both in their 20s – was filmed just before 1am from the hotel opposite by receptionist Noi Pattarapon who works night shifts. The incident was not reported to police and the pair recovered – and went in separate directions with their own original girlfriends.