Rampaging Youths Sack Catholic Priest In Imo State Community. Photos

Angry youths in Amano Obioha Community in the Mbaise area of Imo State have invaded the premises of the St. Peter’s Catholic Parish there throwing out the Parish Priest, The Rev. Monsignor Ogu from the church.
The aged priest was accused of being a loyalist of Bishop Okapalaeke who was consecrated Bishop of Ahiara Diocese but is yet to assume duties because the indigenes of Mbaise vowed that they will never allow any person who is not an indigene of Mbaise to preside as Bishop of their diocese. In doing this, they defied the authority of the Pope who insists that Okpalaeke remains the duly appointed Bishop. The youths also accused the priest of engineering the transfer of the younger priest in the parish who is loved dearly by the parishioners. Currently, police men have taken over the church premises o forestall further chaos.