British Female Tourist Found Wandering N@ked On The Streets Of Thailand. Photos

A female British tourist was found wandering the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, naked on Tuesday afternoon. The woman, who is in her mid-30s, had been missing for several days before onlookers spotted her walking near the popular tourist spot Khao San Road.
Photos of the incident show several Bangkok police officials helping the woman after finding her wandering through the city. There is no suspicion that the woman was attacked. When the woman’s parents saw their daughter’s photos online, her mother flew to Bangkok in hope of being reunited with her. The woman ran away when police first tried to speak with her, but officials later caught her on a nearby bridge and handed her a sarong to cover herself up. They then took her into be questioned, but they could not understand her and brought her to a hospital for examination. The woman is believed to be at the Chana Songkhram police station, but officials can’t hold her indefinitely because she hasn’t committed a crime. The woman’s mother is hoping to reach the police station before she is released.