Donald Trump Reacts As North Korean Dictator Conducts Rocket Launch. Photos

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is ‘acting very, very badly,’ President Donald Trump said Sunday. Trump told reporters traveling with him from Florida to Washington on Air Force One that Kim, who conducted a ground test of a new type of high-thrust rocket engine on Saturday while US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was on the continent, is misbehaving.
Tillerson was in China on a swing through Asia that was closely focused on concerns over how to deal with Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs at the time of the test. Kim is calling the rocket launch a revolutionary breakthrough for the country’s space program. He beamed from ear to ear as he and his generals applauded the successful test at the Sohae launch site yesterday. The trial was intended to confirm the engine’s thrust power and gauge the reliability of its control system and structural safety. Kim hailed it ‘a great event of historic significance’ for the country’s rocket industry. He also said the ‘whole world will soon witness what eventful significance the great victory won today carries’ and claimed the test marks what will be known as the ‘March 18 revolution’ in the development of the country’s rocket industry. The engine is to be used for North Korea’s space and satellite-launching program. North Korea is banned by the United Nations from conducting long-range missile tests, but it claims its satellite program is for peaceful use, a claim many in the U.S. and elsewhere believe is questionable.