Former Footballer Arrested For Drug Trafficking And Money Laundering. Photos

Former Colombia international Jose John Jimenez Guzman has been arrested for his involvement with a notorious drugs gang in Colombia. He has been charged with drug trafficking and money laundering. Officials arrested him in the Colombian city of Cali because of his alleged ties to Los Comba, an infamous criminal gang in the country.
United States authorities have demanded he is extradited to the US to answer for crimes of drug trafficking and money laundering. It is alleged that Jimenez laundered around £2.75million illegally. A police statement read: “The resources from the drug trafficking were deposited in the US by this man through the charging of pre-paid cards. “The money was taken into Colombia and then delivered to the criminal gang.” As well as Jimenez, police also arrested other members of the gang during the operation – including Fernando Vidal, who goes by the alias of ‘Soldado’ (The Soldier), and Severino Valencia, nicknamed ‘Chigua’.

The US authorities have asked that both men and Jimenez be extradited to the face the court of Florida and Georgia.