Governor Abubakar Sets Up Committee To Commercialize Bauchi Aircraft. Photos

Governor M. A. Abubakar has set up a committee to ascertain the state of the Bauchi state aircraft BN Emberer 145. He immediately charged the committee to ensure the aircraft is airworthy, and engage it commercially on the Bauchi route and other potential routes of economic interest. He charged them to ensure the use of the aircraft to boost tourism and commerce in the state.
Subsequently, the committee comprising of Air Commodore A. T. Baba Gamawa, Special Adviser General Services; A. T. Ali Hon Commissioner for Works, Land and Housing; Aminu Musa DG, Investment Promotion went on a fact finding mission to ascertain the status of the aircraft first hand in Overland hanger Lagos. The team is expected to submit a report when they return on how quickly the aircraft can be put to use to generate income for the state. Shamsuddeen Lukman Abubakar SA Communications to His Excellency the Governor of Bauchi State 17/03/2017