Lawyer Left To Die After He Was Brutalized By Soldiers In Delta State. Photos

Read what was shared by Omemiroro Maxwell Ogedegbe, a Human Rights activist in Delta.
Barr. Sunny Ekwe, An Ovorie Ethiope East LGA of Delta State based lawyer beaten by some 5 soldiers who left him to die after they fractured his spinal cord. Two of them arrested and still in the military custody of the 222 battalion Agarho Utor, Ughelli, delta state. On the 11th of March 2017 at about 7pm this lawyer went to visit a relative at the Okpara waterside when suddenly as he was about to leave a young boy demanded he should follow him to meet some other boys seated in a distance that was a bit dark. In the process of resisting the boy, the boy called the other four guys who descended on the lawyer and subjected him to the most crudest humiliation and brutality ever and only abandoned him to die in a close dried up drain. Because of the atrocities of the boys in the area no body in the community could intervene as they are young soldiers. The lawyer was rushed to the hospital at Isiokolo but referred to Orerokpe after he was revived. The police of Isiokolo made first failed attempt at arresting the boys but they resisted and the police chickened out claiming as military officers they must be dealt with by their command. It took the intervention of my humble self and a serving magistrate to prevail on the DPO who mobilised about 20 mobile police personel to the community and luckily the boys were at the verge of moving to their station and only two were apprehended as three had left before police arrival . They were arrested and formally handed over to the commanding officer of the 222 battalion where they have been in custody till date.  They are persons who just returned from 9months military training. We salute the reawaken dogged Ness of the DPO and the forthright Ness of the commanding officer who have sent for the return of the fleeing officer. Truly they have realised this is a democracy where pen is mightier than the sword.