Man Calmly Waits On A Queue After Being Stabbed In The Eye By His Wife. Photos

A man from China has stunned medical staff and other patients after he was seen calmly waiting on a queue with a kinife stuck in his eye. The 30-year-old, with a fruit knife stuck in his left eye, was spotted calmly queuing in a hospital in Fujian, according to Chinese media.
The man claimed that he had been stabbed by his wife during a row, said reports. The Chinese man, unidentified, was bleeding heavily while waiting in the Fujian Provincial Hospital in Fuzhou on March 11. The blade appeared to be firmly lodged in his eye. Only the handle of the knife could be seen sticking out from his face. The man was queuing outside a consulting room at around 1am, according to an eyewitness. The eyewitness, who was also a patient, said that the man had been conscience and that he had acted ‘normally’. A CT scan showed that the knife had poked 3.4 inches (8.7 centimetres) into the man’s skull through his eye socket. Medical staff removed the knife and cleaned the wounds for the man, who left the hospital afterwards. According to reports, the man had not reported to the police about the attack. It remains unclear whether or not he reported the case after leaving the hospital.