Naked Artist Lies In Bath Full Of Broken Glass In A Bizarre Performance. Photos

An artist has shocked his audience by lying naked in a bath full of broken glass in an odd performance. A footage of Yann Marussich’s bizarre performance shows the young women watching looking embarrassed as the 40-year-old climbs into the tub.
He is soon covered almost completely in the shards, with just one arm poking through. Cello music then starts to play as he slowly and carefully removes the glass piece by piece until he is left lying uncovered on the remaining glass. It took the Swiss artist nearly 60 minutes to climb out at the performance in St Petersburg, Russia, standing on the glass and eventually sitting naked on the edge of the tub, apparently without a scratch. The two-hour performance – called Bain Brise, literally Shattered Bath – was first performed by controversial Marussich seven years ago. His followers say it symbolises the paradox of man’s existence, trapped in a world that can only cause a pain he tries to escape. The artist’s own description explains: “Yann Marussich plunges the audience into a visual and sensory apnoea, until the body is freed to the echoing sound of crushing glass.”