Oh Lawd! Man Caught On Camera Having Sex' With A Motorbike In Public. Photos

A pervert was caught on CCTV – having sex with a motorcycle. The man spotted the 50cc Honda and spent two minutes walking round the vehicle before making a large slit in the black leather seat. He then opened his zipper and mounted the machine facing backwards and penetrating it.
But the man fled after being disturbed outside the Burapaha University building in Chonburi province, Thailand, on March 13. Student Piyarat Manomaihataitip, who recorded the CCTV clip, said it was the second time the man had been filmed apparently committing lewd acts with motorcycles. He said another motorcycle had been found with a hole cut into the seat on February 27 and cameras showed a similar situation. Piyarat said the man had also stolen underwear hanging outside dorm rooms at the university. He said they have reported the incidents to the police who are trying to identify the man from CCTV images. A Burapha University spokesman warned students not to let anyone ‘ruin your motorcycle.’ A man is understood to have been arrested following the attacks.