Oh No! Female Dancer Covered In Body Paint Gives Viewers An Eyeful On Live TV. Photos

Viewers in Brazil got a bit of an eyeful when a Rio dancer wearing only body paint showed off her dance moves live on television. The brazen reveller was taking part in a parade during the city’s legendary annual Carnival when she showed off a bit more than expected.
The model had gone to the street party dressed as a Brazilian flag and her naked body was was covered in green body paint. She had been collared by one of the show’s presenters on the scene and asked to show off her best moves for the camera. Dutifully obliging, the model squatted right down before turning her back to the camera and bending over – giving everyone quite a view. The show quickly cuts back to the studio where the visibly shocked presenters do not know what to do with themselves. The amusing scenes all took place during a Carnival watch programme for Brazil’s RedeTV.