Oh No! P0rn Film Played On Big Screen At A Polling Station During Dutch Election. Photos

A p0rn film was played on a giant screen at a polling station in the middle of the vote count in the Dutch elections. The lesbian s*x scene was shown during the official count for yesterday’s parliamentary elections. The footage appeared on a large pull down screen, with rude noises reportedly sounding from the speakers.
A photograph shows volunteers diligently counting votes while the erotic video plays in the background. They can be seen focused on the task at hand while two women perform a sex act on the screen behind them. A practical joker is thought to have put the porn on at the polling station, in the city of Enschede in the eastern part of the Netherlands. City authorities have been left red-faced over the gag during the election which was won by Prime Minister Mark Rutte. A spokesman for the mayor’s office confirmed that a photo taken on the night was genuine. As a prank some club members changed the channel from the public broadcaster’s election night coverage to a porn movie.

A photo of the unexpected scene has now gone viral after being posted on social media. The person who took the photograph called it “locker room humour” and said it was “only a snapshot, just a joke, nothing more, nothing less”.