OMG! Woman Twerks On A Moving Car On A Busy Highway. Photos/Video

A scantily-clad woman was filmed twerking while clinging to the roof of a car on the motorway. The astonishing footage shows her spread across the top of vehicle, twerking away as it zooms down the highway in Miami during Spring Break.
Wearing just a small crop top and a thong, the young woman dangles one leg through the windscreen while grinding in front of stunned motorists. At one point she sits up and pushes out her arms risking her life. Filmmaker Billy Corben, who posted the clip on Twitter, said: “As social media has taught us, twerking is forever; it is a timeless tradition.” It emerged the bizarre stunt happened on Monday evening on the McArthur Causeway in Miami, according to the Miami New Times.

Watch Video Below;