Photos; Grandmother Dies After Being Stung 500 Times By A Swarm Of Bees (Viewers Discretion)

An elderly woman has died after being stung more than 500 times in a horrific attack by a swarm of deadly bees. Divina Ambrósio de Jesus, 84, was collecting firewood by a lake near her home in Presidente Olegário, south east Brazil, when she disturbed a beehive hidden in bushes near the water’s edge.
Firefighters and police called to the scene on March 2 found the elderly woman engulfed in an army of angry insects. To scare off the hoard, rescuers set fire to a blanket creating clouds of smoke in the hope of calming down the bees and forcing them to leave their terrorised victim. It took half-an-hour before emergency workers could disperse the creatures and rescue Ms de Jesus. Photographs taken of the victim at the time, show parts of her leg, arm and face peppered with bee stings. A sheet which she was laid on is littered with scores of the remnants of the stings. The retired mother of five, died a day later in hospital from her injuries.