Police Officer 'Performs Sex Act On Her Male Colleague Inside A Patrol Car' . Watch Video

A female police officer has been caught on camera allegedly performing a sex act on her male colleague inside their patrol car. During the video, an operator radios through with information about a robbery, which the randy pair appear to completely ignore.
The unnamed woman can be seen pausing as she pleasures her male colleague and hears the call to attend the crime scene – before getting back to business as he lifts up his shirt. Last night the pair were facing a disciplinary probe and the sack after the mobile phone footage – which included a recording of the female’s police badge on her arm with details of her force – led to their identification. It was not clear last night how the video – featuring two officers working for the police in Lionel Messi’s native city of Rosario in Argentina – was made public, although the woman can be seen putting her hand up to the mobile to stop her colleague filming them before appearing to allow him to carry on recording the sex scene.

Watch Video Below;