Villagers Dissect A Crocodile After Swallowing An 8-Year-Old Boy. Photos/Video

A crocodile in northern Zimbabwe has allegedly killed and eaten an 8-year-old child, it was claimed on Thursday. The incident which happened on Monday, March 13, saw the crocodile shot and was then cut open, as the boy’s remains were found in the beast’s stomach. A source told reporters that the young boy’s remains were buried Wednesday, March 15. The incident has caused a lot of tension in the village.
Grim footage of what appear to be human remains being recovered from the crocodile has been posted to YouTube. The footage shows men slitting open the crocodile and retrieving human parts from its belly. These are then placed on a grey blanket next to the dead animal. Onlookers watch the grim operation, their arms folded.

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