Whistle Blower Exposes Hijacked Foodstuffs Meant For Refugees In Bauchi. Photos

Read below what was shared by Maiwada Dammallam The accompanying pictures were food items meant for an IDP Center but allegedly hijacked and kept in a warehouse in Bauchi for over a year. Already some of the items have expired and no longer fit for human consumption. This is a direct hit against FG’s efforts to support and reintegrate victims of the IDP Centers back into the mainstream society – a clear case of sabotage and inhumanity. The burden of IDPs is not for the states and Federal Government to shoulder alone. It’s a societal burden that must be carried by each and every Nigerian. We can contribute to the betterment of the victims if not financially at least, by keeping our eyes open to prevent unpatriotic elements from subverting government efforts to support the IDPs. Expectedly, the culprits were reported to be running from pillar to post trying to wriggle out of the embarrassing situation. This is a special appeal to those within Bauchi to dig further and ensure FG’s efforts are not compromised. It’s our duty to keep our eyes open to ensure necessary action is taken to determine the guilt or innocence of the culprits and to also ensure IDPs around us always gets a fair deal.