Woman Caught Having Sex Under A Bridge In Broad Daylight. Photos

A woman who was caught having sex under a bridge has apologised. She said she had met a friend and the pair got carried away for ten minutes as they sheltered from the rain. Lara Shoemark, 19, a mum-of-two, spotted the couple from her living room window while she was hanging up her washing.
Lara from Bridgwater, Somerset, says the couple were sheltering from the pouring rain last month when they started kissing under the bridge.

The woman in the pictures, who is not named, said: “I never meant for anyone to feel offended. We don’t usually act like this but we were overcome in the moment. “I’m just your regular female with regular needs. “I was with my ‘friend’ who I hadn’t seen for a few months, but we’d been texting all week before this happened.

“We’d only been out to buy a few things from the shop and have a walk, but all the tension of the messages and him just being there with me, led me to just losing our senses for a short while.“OK, it was very naughty but it seemed pretty safe just to fool about for a few minutes.
“We did sort each other out in private with the door closed when we got home, though, I can confirm that. “I couldn’t believe it when we saw it online; I nearly died. I’ve not been back that way since, I’m too nervous.

“The thrill of getting caught, I have recently learnt, can be unbelievably arousing, even for the shy. But, I never meant for anyone to feel offended.”