World Famous Wrestler Sets Himself On Fire During Outrageous Public Match… Photos

WWE star Kota Ibushi was out to impress when he hit the streets of east London with a firework in his hand. The world-famous Japanese wrestler was in Bethnal Green for a tag-team match at Resistance Gallery. The show, which was promoted by XWA, saw Ibushi and partner Gota Ihashi take on Cara Noir and Jimmy Havoc.
And after wowing fans in the ring, the foursome hit the streets of the East End, where they continued to brawl. But it was Ibushi who stole the show when he jumped onto the roof of a Ford Focus and waved a flare around for his fans. After firing red streaks into the sky, the Japanese wrestler then turned the flare on himself and set his own body on fire. Speaking to the Metro after the show, Ibushi admitted he was anxious his style wouldn’t be well-received in the UK. But after stunning fans with an unusual pyrotechnics display said it was all “very positive.”