British Soldiers Share Photos Of Girls They've Had Sex With In Their Barracks. (18+)

Soldiers have posted X-rated photos online of girls they have had s*x with in their barracks. Army bosses are said to be furious and have threatened the culprits with military prison. A shocking website has reportedly been uncovered where soldiers shared explicit pictures of girls they had taken back to their bases.
Explicit pictures of the women – dubbed “Blockrats” by troops – were posted on a page called “Blockrat of the Day”, uncovered by the Daily Star Sunday. The site shows pictures of women believed to be leaving Army bases where they have spent the night, dubbed “the walk of shame” by squaddies. Others show half-dressed women posing in Army uniforms, or asleep in the same beds as serving soldiers. The most shocking images – filed in a section dubbed XXX – appears to show them having group sex with soldiers. The site promises to give prizes to troops who send in the best pictures. The original Facebook page was reportedly closed down following complaints, but now operates as a separate website.