Mob Descend On Man After Being Accused Of Filming Up A Lady's Skirt In Public. Photos

A shopper was chased down the street by a woman who accused him of trying to film up her skirt before he was tackled by a 100-strong mob in an extraordinary Oxford Street row caught on camera. The ‘chaos’ in central London on Sunday night was sparked when the alleged victim started screaming: ‘F***ing pervert. He has a video between my legs’.
She claims he put his shopping bag between her legs and used a mobile phone placed in the top to take a voyeuristic up-skirt film of her knickers and crotch. The incident was caught on camera by a passing cyclist who saw the woman running down Oxford Street in tears. Within seconds a group surrounded the man she was chasing. The detained man shouts ‘let go of me’ as he is pulled to the pavement and his accuser repeatedly kicks him before being dragged away by a man telling her: ‘Don’t do that, that’s assault’. The police arrived at 7.22pm and arrested him only to change their minds and release him 14 minutes later after finding no footage on his phone and his accuser had not stayed to give a statement.