Friday, April 21, 2017

Over 30 Football Fans Electrocuted In Calabar While Watching Man United Match....

A man who survived the tragic incident that led to the electrocution of over 30 people at a football viewing centre in Calabar, capital of Cross River state, has his stars to thank. Over 30 people are feared dead at a football viewing centre in Calabar, the Cross River State capital on Thursday after a high tension cable fell on them.
Channels Television correspondent in Calabar reported that the live electricity cable broke from its mooring and fell on the viewers.

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The football fans were at the centre to watch a UEFA Europa League quarter-final match between Manchester United and Anderlecht on satellite TV DSTV.

Speaking with Punch after the encounter, the survivor said a transformer near the viewing centre located in the Iyang-Esu area of Calabar municipal local government area, exploded during the match.

He reportedly said this caused a high-tension cable to drop on the viewing centre.

“It happened during the match between Manchester United and Anderlecht. I heard a deafening bang. I rushed out to see what was happening,” he was quoted as saying.

“When I turned back to go inside the viewing centre, I saw a cable coming down on the centre and this electrocuted the viewers in the hall.

“It was a horrible sight to behold. I wish I didn’t come out to watch the match. Come to think of it, I have DStv at home but I enjoy watching matches at viewing centres. I could have been dead. I can’t believe that the people I was chatting and joking with a few minutes ago are all gone in a most anguishing way. This world is vain.”

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