Male Tigers Caught Fighting Each Other In The Woods Over Female Tiger. Photos

Two endangered Siberian tigers fight for the affection of a female tiger in these dramatic images. Photographer Ingo Gerlach was lucky enough to witness this brutal cat fight at Orsa-Björn Wildlife Park in central Sweden. The two tigers were spotted battling each other in the woods.

 According to Daily Mail;

The German photographer said: ‘The event happened on a snowy night and it was at least 50cm deep. The new snow was an excellent base for me to set up in the extensive park. ‘The Siberian tiger hides in the hilly Gelä Nde area in the upper part of the park. Wooden bridges lead to small lookout platforms from where you can see the tigers, if they show up well enough! ‘For a long time the tigers did not show up, but after about two hours of waiting two tigers came from a wooded corner of the enclosure.’ Ingo said: ‘Suddenly the tigers started moving towards each other and at the same time they stood on the hind limbs and struck the front paws at each other. ‘Their violent threatening gestures at each other were impressive but the attack was short and violent, before the lower ranked male retreated. ‘As always when men are fighting, it is about the ladies! The stronger fights for dominance and will reproduce with the female.’