Medical Workers Open 8,000 Bottles Of Antidote To Save A Poisoned Patient. Photos

In order to save a patient who had been poisoned, eight medical workers spent 12 hours opening 8,000 bottles of atropine. The patient needed a large amount of the substance to stay alive, but each bottle only contained 0.5 mg.
The 50-year-old man fell unconscious after drinking pesticide and was sent for emergency treatment at First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College on May 18, reports Huanqiu, a publication affiliated to People’s Daily. To pull him out of danger, the medical team needed at least 400 mg of atropine per hour to treat the poisoning. However, stocks of atropine are stored in the tiny glass ampules each containing just 0.5 mg of the medicine. Over night, they had cracked 8,000 ampules collected across different departments of the hospital and other hospitals around the city.