New French President Celebrates His Election Victory With Raunchy Dancers. Photos

Emmanuel Macron was last night accused of turning his back on his feminist ideals after Moulin Rouge style dancers in little less than their underwear took to the stage as part of his victory celebrations. Macron, who on Sunday night, aged 39, became France’s youngest president since Napoleon had held his victory event at the Louvre museum, one of the country’s best-known sites and a former royal palace.
But the entertainment jarred with the historic setting steeped in culture as scantily clad women took to the stage as part of a victory celebration. Feminists were quick to raise eyebrows on Twitter and French media said the raunchy image was one which had ‘stayed in people’s minds’. Anne-Cecile Mailfert, the president of Fondation des Femmes, a women’s rights group, posted: ‘What are these women in red underwear shimmying on the Louvre stage meant to symbolise? I can’t quite grasp it.’ The criticism comes in the wake of Mr Macron telling supporters in March: ‘I am profoundly feminist’. The women in carnival-style tops, high heels and red hot pants danced to pop song Cake by the Ocean, with the lyrics: ‘Let’s lose our minds and go f****** crazy.’ The dancing was part of a bizarre night of entertainment during which a DJ in a blue bomber jacket blared out pop tunes in the hours before Mr Macron walked towards the stage to the sound of Anthem of Europe’s ‘Ode to Joy’ by Beethoven.