Nigerian Woman Attacked With Acid In London Reveals Why She Refuses To Stop Posting Selfies…..

An acid attack victim has revealed why she refused to stop posting selfies on social media. Back then, she did not think twice about posting images of her smooth, glowing skin and perfect cheekbones. But then jealous friend Mary Konye followed Naomi home to Dagenham, Essex, from her job at a Victoria’s Secret store in South East London.
Disguised in a Muslim veil, she threw acid in her face, obliterating her selfie-ready looks. Naomi, 25, lost her eyelids, eyebrows and also has severe scarring on her thighs and chest

Mary Konye

She recalls Konye sneering: “The only good thing about her is her looks.” Naomi says: “She wanted to destroy how I looked. It was the ultimate thing she could do. “In this age of social media, where physical appearance is the most important thing to us, a lot of people would not be able to handle this. Even to young men, appearance is a big deal. “People get famous because of how they look, go viral because of how they look, get a reality show because of how they look. “People think if they look a certain way, it gains a certain type of success. Someone who does this to someone knows they will struggle the rest of their life.”