Police Officers Throw Stolen Fruits At Apple Thieves In South Africa. See Photos

Four apple thieves who were caught in the act by police were lined up against a cliff face and pelted with the fruit they had stolen. The five uniformed officers took turns grabbing handfuls of the stolen apples from their police pick-up truck, using the four thieves as live targets.
The crooks winced as they were battered by the fruit, but were ordered not to run away as the policemen in Theewaterskloof Municipality, in the Western Cape of South Africa, hurled the apples at them. Now the police squad are being investigated by senior officers after a storm of criticism on social media slamming the officials for abusing their prisoners. A colleague filmed the officers as they taunted the thieves with foul language before posting the video on Facebook. Officers are said to have driven the four men to a deserted spot to face their punishment. Democratic Alliance mayor of Theewaterskloof Municipality Christelle Vosloo said an investigation has been launched into the conduct of the officers.