This Taxi Driver Has Been Donating Blood For Over 18 Years. See Why…. Photos

Han Bing, a 38-year-old taxi driver, has been donating blood for 18 years, as his blood type is a rarely found Rh(-) and is in extreme need. He was told about his blood rarity during his military service in 1998 and he first donated blood to save an injured worker. Throughout these years, Han has donated over 5,000ml of blood, which is equal to the total blood volume in an adult body.

Han recently helped a 4-year-old girl, Xue Lian, who has been diagnosed with leukemia. Since November 2013, Han has donated his blood nine times to Xue, and following her bone marrow transplant surgery in 2014, Han remains “in contact for those rare blood in case they need,” as he humbly described.