Vigilantes Attack Burglars And Cut Off One Of Their Hands After Catching Them 'On Duty'. Photos

Vigilantes attacked two burglars and hacked off one of their hands after catching them breaking into houses. The men were caught red-handed in the village of Tephe, in the municipality of Ixmiquilpan, in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo, according to reports.
Residents took the law into their own hands after catching the two thieves trying to steal valuables from their homes. The pair fled on foot into nearby fields but villagers set the fields alight and caught them. The younger of the two men, identified as Victor M.P., 28, was attacked first by the mob who cut off his right hand, injured his left hand and administered a brutal beating that left him with head injuries. The other man, named as Jose A. R., 46, was also badly beaten up and suffered head injuries. The two men were later taken by paramedics under police escort to a nearby hospital where they are being treated for their injuries.