Accredited Translation Services

Certified translation and Notarized translation are two ways of getting official documents translated. If you are unsure of the difference, read on to learn about the benefits of accredited translation services. You can get certified translations without having to provide your credentials to a translator. Certified translation services are required for certain documents. In most cases, the translators working in these two types of translations are the same. The difference is that an accredited translation service is widely recognized and accepted.

Certified translations

Choosing a certified translation service is an excellent idea if you need a document translated accurately. The best translation services will entrust certified translations to only the best translators, and Accredited Language requires proofreading and editing before the translation is certified. If you need a translation of a legal document, certified translations will almost always be required. Legal documents are often trial transcripts, or evidence submitted to a legal body.

Notarized translations

Notarized translations are important for many different reasons. For example, it may be required for legal proceedings, immigration, or business reasons. For immigration purposes, a notarized translation may be necessary for a visa application. Other reasons for needing notarized translations include immigration, family papers, and other official documents. Notarization is also necessary for adoption, naturalization, and other important documents. It is also required for court orders and judgments.

ATA certified translators

As an ATA certified translator, you’ll receive a seal identifying you as a professional, as well as a listing in the Association’s Directory of Translation and Interpreting Services. You can use this seal on your documents to prove your professional status, and the ATA directory listing will make it easy for clients to find translators in your area. By becoming an ATA certified translator, you’ll be able to take advantage of a wide variety of resources, including a broader network of business connections, and more.

ATA-accredited translation agencies

There are many benefits to using an ATA-accredited translation agency for your documents. Not only will you get an original translation, but you will also be assured that the tone and readability of the translated document will be perfect. With the heightened security and privacy concern, you must choose a company with the highest level of professionalism. The following are the characteristics of an ATA-accredited translation agency. Read on to learn more about how to find an agency that fits your needs.

UN-accredited translators

Among the highest-level accreditations in the language field are those awarded by the United Nations. This certification process includes a language competitive examination in which prospective translators are judged on their knowledge of the main language, their post-secondary language of education, and their target language. Tests are administered in six official United Nations languages. Those seeking UN accreditation should have a Bachelor’s or higher degree. In addition to their education, most candidates have completed their translation studies at a translation school.

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