Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mixed Feelings Trail Photo Of Mother Who Posed With Her Young Son In This Manner..

A woman has been blasted by some online users after striking this 'controversial' pose with her son while relaxing on a Yacht. While some deem it inappropriate considering where the young boy positioned his head, others say nothing is wrong with the pose after all they are family...See people's reaction below;

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Photos; Meet The World’s Youngest Professional Motorcyclist Who Is Just 4 Years Old

Meet the world’s youngest professional motorcyclist who is only four years old. Tima Kuleshov from Kiev started riding bicycles before he was even two, and graduated to a mini motor bike at the age of two and a half. With an impressive set of skills, the four-year-old daredevil is tearing up competitions in Ukraine already.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

'Lost But Found'; Canadian Drivers License Found At Ikeja Area Of Lagos. Photos

A Canadian drivers license belonging to a Nigerian man Benson Biodun Alabi, was found recently by a twitter user at Ikeja area of Lagos. He shared a photo of the license online in a bid to locate the owner who probably stays/stayed in Ontario. See details below;

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Man Dedicates 21 Years To Growing Long Fingernails. See What It Looks Like. Photo

A 40-year-old man in Hainan Province, China has spent half of his life maintaining his extremely long finger nails. The man, surnamed Mai, from Tunchang county, has grown the fingernails of his left hand for 21 years. Although he is very careful in his daily life, his fingernails, sometimes, can be easily broken.

"When A Guy Tries To Play Cool When Posing With 2 Ladies"; Caption This Photo..

'Nature must always take its course'. This guy probably tried to keep his cool when posing with two ladies, but his body part had a different "reasoning"..

OMG! See What This Nigerian Lady Posted On Facebook. Photo

What was she thinking? This lady deemed it fit to post the below photo on her Facebook page (flashing her ni*ples) in the process  probably to show her sexiness.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Photos; Meet The Lady Who Took 20 Years To Grow Out Her Hair. See What It Looks Like.

27-year-old Aliia Nasyrova, who lives in Riga, Latvia, took 20 years to grow out her hair, which measures nearly 229 centimeters to the floor, and even has its own space in the marital bed. The lengthy locks weigh about 2 kilograms, as much as the family cat, Aliia says.
The hair attracts stares when out in public, and Aliia's husband admits her hair is another member of the family.

Her husband also says he loves it and is proud of her for not cutting it.

See The Reason This Man Killed His Dog As He Refused To Give It To Dog Eaters. Photos

A Nigerian man has been left "heartbroken" after putting down his dog by the help of a veterinary doctor. According to him, the 14-year-old dog was killed because he didn't want it to eventually suffer a slow death due to its old age or end up in the hands of dog eaters. See what he shared below

Thursday, March 16, 2017

See How A Sperm Whale Was Lifted After Being Stranded In China. Photos

The corpse of a stranded sperm whale is pictured being lifted at a dock in Huizhou Harbour, south China's Guangdong Province. The 12-meter-long whale was spotted trapped in fishing nets in the waters of the Bay. After the whale was freed from the nets, authorities and zoologists tried to guide it back to the deep sea.
However, it continued to swim in shallow waters and was confirmed to have been stranded near the wharf on Tuesday afternoon.

Experts speculated that, rather than being lost, the whale intentionally entered shallow waters due to its bad health.

Loyalty! Military Dog Spotted Protecting A Sleeping Soldier In An Airport. Photo

According to an online report, this dog was seen protecting a soldier as he slept in an airport..

New Customs Boss? See What Nigerians Did To Senator Dino Melaye. Photo

Nigerians are at it again. While the Senate has urged the comptroller general of Nigeria Customs Service Hameed Ali to appear before its floor in his uniform or face action, some Nigerians have decided to appoint senator Dino Melaye as the Customs boss as shown in the picture below. .

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Photo Of The Day! Check Out This Funny Church Banner Spotted In Port-Harcourt...

This hilarious church banner has got people talking. This was spotted at Barracks gate (Bori Camp) in Port Harcourt, River state.

When Your Friends Are Fighting And You Decide To Take A Selfie. Caption This Photo

Imagine this! This is the moment when your friends are fighting and you decide to take a selfie.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Caption This; Lady Turns Into A 'Chimney' At A Nightclub In Benin City. Photos

Guess this is her way of having fun. This happened at a nightclub in Benin city, Edo state.

Female Uber Driver Spotted Discharging Her Duty Happily In Lagos. Photos

This pretty lady is an Uber driver and a proud one at that. She was pictured in an elated mood after being spotted in Lagos while doing her thing. The lady who is making waves in a male dominated hustle is trending online after her photos were shared on twitter...

Monday, March 13, 2017

Pastor Or Gangster? Check Out This Hilarious Viral Church Banner

Is this man a pastor or a gangster? that is the question being asked by online users. . This funny church banner featuring a pastor with two cutlasses has gone viral online.

Guinness World Record Holder Hauls An Armored Personnel Carrier... Photos

Russian powerlifting champion Ivan Savkinon who set a Guinness World Record of pulling a 288-tonne electric train successfully challenged himself to haul a BTR-80 armored personnel carrier which weighed 13.6 tonnes in Vladivostok, Russia on March 10.

Shameful! See How This Man Celebrated His Mother's Birthday On Facebook. Photo

This is quite shameful. This young man decided to celebrate his mother's 87th year birthday by posting a half-unclad picture of her on his Facebook page. The guy captioned the photo; checkout the breast I destroyed as a last child. pls help me apologize to her and wish her happy 87th years on my behalf. H.B.D great mom.
He has since deleted the post after he was lambasted by angry online users...

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Photos; See The Artwork Made Of Popcorn That Keeps Visitors' Mouths Watering

An art installation made of popcorn debuted on Wednesday in a shopping mall in Beijing, attracting many with its innovative sculpting as well as the wafting sweet fragrance. Some visitors could not even help but take a crispy bite of the appealing design.
Staff members at the shopping mall warned, however, that the snacks are not suitable to eat, since the kernels had been specially processed before eventually being molded into the artwork.