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My Husband Threatens My Life With Charms – Woman Tells Court...

A Lagos caterer, Mrs. Nike Adegboyega, has pleaded with an Agege Customary Court, Lagos to dissolve her nine-year-old marriage because her husband, Moshood, was in the habit of threatening her life with charms. According to her, she no longer loves him because she had not enjoyed the marriage for a single day since they got married.
Nike said her husband even stopped providing money for their children’s feeding while spending his money on prostitutes and catfish pepper soup.

Nike said, “After a lot of beating, my husband has now resorted to threatening me with charms. He said he would turn me to a mad woman. He keeps different type of charms in his wardrobe.”

The petitioner, who pleaded with the court to separate them, explained that her husband had turned her to a “useless woman,” his regular way of referring to her.

However, Moshood, a driver, who denied all the allegations, explained that he noticed that when he came home from work recently, his wife had broken into their house (which he had previously locked up) and taken all her belongings.

According to him, Nike’s mother was behind all their problems. He said he had been having problems with the older woman since he got married to his wife in 2009.

However, the President of the court, Mr. Philips Williams, adjourned the case and said decision on the dissolution would be taken in the next sitting. (NAN)

Italian News Presenter Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction As She Flashes Her Panties On Live TV. Photos

An Italian news presenter suffered a wardrobe malfunction after flashing her panties on live TV. Barbara Francesca Ovieni was looking glamorous in her white dress while hosting the football show Rabona. And she was already setting the pulses of viewers racing in a daring open cleavage in the outfit before flashing her underwear
The video footage of the incident shows she accidentally lifted her skirt with her hand while presenting.While holding a clipboard, she moves her leg. She then adjusts her dress - but accidentally lifts it too high. Her underwear can be seen briefly before the dress falls back down.

Lady With One Leg Excited As She Visits Olumo Rock For The First Time. Photos

A lovely physically-challenged lady, Adenike Oyetunde, has got herself trending on social media platforms after her first visit to the famous Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Ogun state. Sharing the photos on her social media page, the excited lady wrote; If only you can understand what it means for me...I did it!!! This year, I BREAK everything in my mind.

Doctors Sacked For Posing With A Severed Foot And Posting It On Social Media. Photos

Two trainee doctors have been sacked and face a court probe after posing for this smiling selfie with an amputated foot. One of the interns, named locally as Carolina Dominguez Garcia, 24, posted the photo on Twitter with the message: 'My first leg dad. Sorry if these images upset you.'
Social security chiefs in Monterrey, northern Mexico, reacted by asking them to leave the clinic where they were based and announcing they would lodge a formal complaint with the courts.

Mikel Arriola, Director of the Mexican Social Security Institute, who announced the pair had been dismissed, said: 'Because of two interns who posted an inappropriate photo on social media, we're not going to stop recognising that the 12,000 trainees with the Institute are a great source of pride.'

Local reports said that as well as the amputated foot, Carolina also posted a photo showing her with what appeared to be a piece of someone's stomach.
It was not clear today who the body parts belonged to, and if their families would also be taking legal action of their own.

Nigerian Lady Begins Search For Her Mother Who Went Missing 28 Years Ago... Photos

A Nigerian lady, Ezeanochie Queen has launched a search for her mother who left home when she was just 3. According to her, her mom who is half-Hausa and half-Igbo, she has been missing since 1989 (28 years ago) after leaving her home in Enugu to buy admission form..

"I Didn't Have A Girlfriend" -- UNICAL’s Best Graduate Reveals.... Photo

The University of Calabar recently received a heavy backlash after reports emerged that it offered the sum of N10, 000 as prize to its best graduate during its 30th Convocation. In this interview, the valedictorian, Agala Egbe, who graduated with a CGPA of 4.84 from the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, speaks with NAZA OKOLI about the controversial prize as well as his plans for the future.
Did UNICAL actually offer you N10, 000 in recognition of your achievement as the best graduating student? 

Yes. But, I haven’t got the N10, 000 yet. What happened was that for the past couple of years now, N10, 000 has been the amount presented as prize to the best graduating student. Again, the same amount is what is written in the Convocation Brochure. I didn’t wait to collect the money because I had to rush from Calabar back to Abuja where I am currently doing my internship.

When you eventually receive the money, what are you going to do with it?
I am in Abuja at the moment. If I want to go to Calabar to get that N10, 000, it won’t even cover my transportation, by road. I would need up to N35, 000 to do that, to and fro.

Many have condemned the situation in the country today where millions of naira is won on entertainment shows whereas academic feats are rewarded with paltry sums. In your case, do you think that the N10, 000 diminishes the worth of your achievement?
On the whole, I think N10, 000 is not enough encouragement. It is not just discouraging to the person who won it, it also discourages those who are coming behind him, the younger students. I am not saying that the graduate’s effort can be quantified in terms of money, but in Nigeria, money is important; it is a great source of motivation. As for entertainment awards and academic awards, it is not really the schools that should be blamed. Corporate bodies and other agencies are supposed to invest in education. Big companies and organisations that sponsor the entertainment prizes should also make their impact felt in education. It is not something worth hearing about that a federal university is giving N10, 000 to its best graduate.

Medical lab scientists often complain they are not accorded adequate recognition within the broader medical community. Is it truly the case that you, lab scientists, are oppressed by doctors and other medical professionals?
I wouldn’t use the word “oppression”, though I must say it is true to an extent. You know that in the Nigerian system, the medical practice is not standardised. In the medical profession, there are different professionals and different fields. We have the doctors, pharmacists, medical laboratory scientists, nurses, radiographers, physiotherapists, dentists and many others. What is supposed to be the norm is that each profession ought to have its boundaries. But here, there is often encroachment. In Nigeria, medical doctors are believed to be at the apex, at the top of the food chain. Because of that, they tend to encroach into other territories. For example, there is a recent law enacted, only a couple of months ago, which allows medical lab scientists to head the medical lab units in federal hospitals. Before now, those units were headed by doctors. So I think it’s because the boundaries are not well delineated.

How did you make the best result at the University of Calabar? Did you follow any formula or did it just happen?
Well, I wouldn’t say there was any formula I followed; neither would I say it just happened. People ask me every time whether I know the secret of success. But I wouldn’t call it a secret. It is just about reading your books; being studious and, of course, there is the God-factor.

Were you very religious?
(Laughs) Well, I am a Christian. I wouldn’t say I was “very” religious. But I believe in God.

Some say romantic relationships are a major source of distraction. Did you have a girlfriend?
No, I didn’t. However, I wouldn’t say that being in a relationship would affect a student that much. I think it is about how you manage your time. For example, you can create time for extra-curricular activities and your girlfriend could be part of your extra-curricular activities.

Were you always on First Class?
No, it was from Year 2. My GPA in the first year was above 4.0, but it wasn’t up to 4.5.

What job opportunities are there out there for medical lab scientists?
Presently, because of the growing popularity of the course, many people are subscribing for the course, unlike some years ago. Here in Abuja, the federal hospital I work for accepted only about 38 people out of over 300 who applied. That is also similar to the situation in other labs. I think there is a boom in the admission and graduation rates of this programme. So, opportunities out there I would say are not enough to meet the growing number. But medical lab science is not really a government-controlled field. It is a field that allows the professional to be on his or her own. You can set up a lab and practise. Once you graduate, you get a licence and that licence empowers you to start a private lab.

What is the next step for you? Have you been offered automatic employment by your alma mater?
At the convocation, the Vice Chancellor did not say anything about that; I guess there was no time. But during our induction ceremony which happened earlier, the VC was present and he said I would be offered automatic employment. I intend to go to the school after my internship to find out what the case is.

Source; Tribune 

Man Hacks His Uncle To Death For Refusing To Help Him In Anambra... Graphic Photo

According to an online report, a man identified as Mr Daniel Ebem was killed last week Sunday after church service at his father's compound at Nneogidi village Agulu in Anambra state by his elder brother's son,Mr Chigboo Edem. According to Uju Patricia, the suspect Chigboo said that Daniel didn't want to help him therefore he used cutlass to cut the his uncle into pieces.

Mum ‘Kicked And Choked Her Daughter For Failing To Recite Bible Verses Correctly. Photos

A mother beat and choked her daughter following a three-day drinking binge because she failed to recite Bible verses properly, according to cops. Rhonda Kemp Shoffner, 41, is accused of waking her daughter, who is aged under 13, up from a nap and ordering her to ring several family members.
She then flew into a rage after nobody answered and ordered the youngster to get on her knees on the bathroom floor, PennLive reported.

The child told cops her mum had been drunk for three days straight and she knew if she had to get on knees it meant she would be beaten.

The girl told her mother: “Please don’t hit me. I don’t want to get on my knees,” the arrest report said.

Shoffner got even angrier and told her daughter to “get on her (expletive) knees, police in Middletown, Pennsylvania, said.

The girl was then asked to recite from the Bible and the mum kicked and punched her whenever she gave a wrong answer.
The mother said she was wrong saying: “God told the man to kill his son” and slammed the girl’s head into the wall at least five times, cops said.

The victim tried to defend herself with her hands and begged her mother to stop.

The girl tried to fight her mother off, who bit the girl in her arm and shoulder, and eventually escaped and ran down the road where she called her dad, who took her to the police station.

Schoffner was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a child, strangulation and making terroristic threats.

Photos Of Miracle Baby Born With Her Heart Outside Her Chest. (Viewers Discretion)

The parents of a baby girl who was born with her heart beating outside her chest have made a desperate plea for help so she can receive life-saving surgery abroad. Little Laraib Zahid was born naturally in in a government-run hospital in Pakistan’s Multan city earlier this month.
The tiny tot seems otherwise healthy – she breathes normally and is active – but doctors are baffled as to why her heart is not inside her body. Her doctors have reassured her parents that her heart is functioning normally, but she urgently needs an operation to place it inside her body.

Mum, Shaista Zahida, 22, had a complication free birth and no one had predicted baby Laraib would be born with such a rare condition.

Dr Ibrahim Ansari said: “In my long career, I have never seen a newborn with such a rare condition.
“Except the heart being outside her chest, the baby looks normal. She breathes normally and is active. “The baby may survive if paediatric surgeons can operate on her.”

Both Shaista and her husband, Zahid Baloch, 28, a taxi driver, are devastated with their firstborn’s condition and hoping for a miracle that could save her.

Baloch has pleaded for help from the Pakistan government so that his baby can be taken outside the country for a surgery.

16-Year-Old Boy Shot Dead By Trigger Happy Policeman In Imo State. Graphic Photos

A 16 year old boy, Obinna Iwuoha, was allegedly shot dead by a trigger Happy police Sergeant, Wilson Ufere on Thursday at the infamous "Ugwu Omiri Lawyer" on Anara - Umuahia expressway in the okohia community in the Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State. The policeman reportedly went berserk by killing the teenage boy while three others went in coma, owing to the injuries they sustained from the bullets he fired at them.
Reports have it that the tragedy happened when youths, mainly teenagers who were in a rally for their church crusade which was billed to start on March 25 (today) had a flat tyre, at “Ukwu Omiri lawyer”, a metre away from where some police men were on a road duty.

One of the police officers insisted that the youths must remove their vehicle from the place, but the youths of Emmanuel Healing Power Ministry Incorporated, Uguiri, told the cop they were unable to move a vehicle with a flat tyre. An altercation reportedly ensued between one of the police men and the driver, resulting in the police officer allegedly slapping him consistently for three times.
Ufere, who was on the other side of the road and was not a party to the argument, emerged from nowhere, shot at the youths at a close range, killing one of them while three others lost consciousness.

Meanwhile, villagers have gathered at the residence of the deceased to mourn his death...

Gunman Wearing A Pig Mask Reportedly Opens Fire At A Hotel In Las Vegas. Photos

A gunman wearing a pig mask has reportedly opened fire at a hotel in Las Vegas. Guests and tourists have had to flee the city's famous Bellagio hotel on the strip because of an 'active shooter'. Panicked people have tweeted their shock and some have said they had to hide under tables.
A picture of the shooter wearing a pig mask has surfaced on Twitter.

Reports suggest that the shooting is linked to an attempted armed robbery of a Rolex shop inside the hotel complex.

It isn't known whether anyone has been hurt in the incident or if it is ongoing.

"I Have Forgiven Her" -- Says Man Whose Girlfriend Attacked With Acid. Photo

Iniubong Ime, 24, a victim of an acid attack allegedly carried out by his ex-girlfriend, 20-year-old Lucy Daniel has revealed that he has no hard feelings for girlfriend after the attack which landed him in a hospital...

Manager Punishes Staff By Forcing Them To Tear Up Their Own Money For Poor Performance. Photos

A video footage which shows four staff of an electrical appliances store in east China’s Shandong tearing up 100-yuan banknotes -has gone viral. According to reports, the performance of the four staff failed to meet expectation, so the store manager forced them to tearing up 100-yuan banknotes from their own wallets as a punishment.
According to the police, the manager was fined RMB1,000 (about $150) for committing intentional damage to Renminbi banknotes.

Watch Video Below;

Fashola Spotted Chilling At A 'Mama Put' During Inspection In Oyo State. Photos

Hon. Minister of Power, Works & Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola, SAN interacting with one of the site food Vendors, Mrs Folake Emmanuel during the minister ‘s inspection tour of the National Housing Programme site in the Akinyele Area of Oyo State on Day Two of his inspection tour of Highway Projects in the South West Zone on Friday 24, March 2017.

NDLEA Arrests Two Barons, Dangote Driver With Cannabis Worth N183M in Edo. Photos

The Edo State command of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has arrested two suspected cannabis barons with a remarkable seizure of 18.2 metric tons of dried weeds that tested positive for cannabis. The estimated street value of the seized drug is over 183 million naira.
A Bauchi based suspected cannabis baron, Mohammed Lawal Bello Mustapha was apprehended at Uzebba, where he was facilitating the shipment of 7,272kg of cannabis to Bauchi, while 3,072kg of cannabis was traced to the warehouse of another suspected baron, Lucky Akele at Uzebba. .

About 7,950kg of cannabis with few bags of cement as a disguise inside a Dongote truck was intercepted at Enweh. The shipment was destined for Maiduguri, Borno State. The truck driver is Zegiru Amadu.

Edo State commander, Wakawa Buba said that the 18,294kg of cannabis were seized in three operations. The Dangote driver said that he was given 1.3 million Naira to transport the drugs to Maiduguri.

President Buhari Heads To Sambisa Forest On Monday...

President Muhammadu Buhari is heading to the once dreaded Sambisa Forest on Monday to declare open the Nigerian Army Small Arms Championship, NASAC 2017. The insurgency group, Boko Haram, who at the peak of it’s siege on the nation occupied towns in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states, made the Sambisa Forest their stronghold and strategic headquarters until they were pushed out by the military on Christmas eve, last year.
The military had subsequently declared the former game reserve as a proposed site for military institution, building roads into it and kick-starting the new status of Sambisa Forest with the hosting of the annual Small Arms Competition.

The competition which starts on Monday is expected to be hosted by Buhari. He is to be accompanied by the Minister of Defense, Alhaji Mansur Ali and Service Chiefs, Chief of Defense Staff, General Gabriel Olanisakin, Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, Chief of Air Staff, Air Vice Marshal Abubakar Sadique and Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Obet Ebas, PUNCH reports.

The Chief of Training and Operations, Army, Major General David Amadu, during a press briefing on Friday in Maiduguri to kick-start the NASAC 2017 championship, said the championship would be formally declared open by the President on Monday.

He said the championship which drew to a close on Friday has lined up a chain of activities which would include medical outreach to Bama, Konduga, and Magumeri IDPs camps, educational training for Army Education Corps in Maiduguri , security awareness meetings with the traditional rulers and distribution of relief materials to IDPs within Maiduguri and surrounding towns.

Amadu added that the championship was aimed at testing and shaping the intelligence and professional capacity of the Nigerian Army officers and soldiers as well as equipment.

Could This Be The World's Youngest Looking And Most Beautiful Grandmother? See Photos

Could this be the world's youngest looking, most glamorous grandmother.Fashion blogger 'Zaklina', 47, is wowing the world after becoming a social media star.Zaklina is a 47-year-old nan but that does not stop her strutting her stuff on social media.
The grandma of two young kiddies originally from Serbia goes by the name 'realfashionist' on social media and she regularly posts pictures of herself wearing outfits, which her followers then rate.

Her athletic figure and elegant style make her the envy of models decades years her junior.

She is a passionate fashion blogger and says she picked up her fashion tips from living in various countries such as Switzerland, France and Poland.
She currently lives in one of Europe's fashion hubs, Italy.

Zaklina posts every picture with the hashtag grandmotherthatlovesfash​ion to the delight of her 157,000 followers.

Nigerian Soldier Allegedly Beats Man To Death, Dumps His Corpse On The Street. Photos

According to a twitter user, Kenny Abel Adesanya, a military officer attached to the 174 battalion (Ikorodu) beat a man to death at Ogijo area of Ikorodu, Lagos.. The man's corpse was reportedly left on the street after the alleged brutality.

Enugu Police Raid ‘Malaysian Forest,’ Shrine Where Kidnappers Dumped Police Corpse. Photo

The Enugu State Police Command has discovered a shallow grave where the remains of the former Chief Security Officer for Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State, Mr Ejiofor Enechi, were buried. Enechi was kidnapped by a syndicate in December, 2016.
Two top members of the kidnap gang, Chijioke Ozor alias earthquake and one Anselem Ngana were arrested in February 2017 after a fierce gun battle with members of the police anti- kidnapping unit in Enugu who trailed the suspects to their hideout in the forest – ‘Malaysian Forest where kidnappers dump dead bodies.

Enechi’s shallow grave was found on March 15, at the Aniocha Forest, Nimbo in the local government, following the arrest of the duo.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Superintendent Ebere Amaraizu, confirmed the arrest of the two suspects and consequent discovery of Ejiofor’s remains in the forest to newsmen on Friday.

According to him, Ozor and Ngana were members of the banned Oda Nimbo Vigilante Group in the area who had been involved in the kidnap of over 20 persons along the Nsukka- Uzo-Uwani – Onitsha road, in recent times.

“They were among about 30 other members of the dreaded group who were being hunted by security agents following the kidnap and murder of Ejiofor, after his relations had paid N2 million ransom for his release.

“Ozor, who hails from Ugwunani village in Aku, Igboetiti Local Government Area of the state, led the police to the shallow grave in the forest where the remains were exhumed.

“Our detectives discovered the shallow grave and the shrine where the gangsters took their victims to at the Aniocha Forest which stretches to Eshi River in Kogi State.

“Apart from Ejiofor’s remains, they found several motorcycles of other victims who must have been killed by same members of the vigilante group.

“Each time they kidnapped their victims, they blamed the action on Fulani herdsmen but it is now clear that the allegations against the Fulani herdsmen were diversionary.

“The forest is popularly known as Malaysia or Ugbo Ekwuru behind the Ugwuijoro Village in Nimbo.

“Ngana is from Akpama Nimbo and he was one of those in charge of monitoring Ejifor’s movements for other members of Oda Nimbo Vigilante group.

”Earthquake (Ozor) was among those who took him to the bush where he was allegedly murdered instead of the shrine.

“Over 30 members of the killer gang are still on the run and we are on their hot chase,” the PPRO added.

"Lagos Lagoon Is Hungry And Angry" -- Says Ifa Priest ...

Allwell Chiawolamoke Oji’s tragic death shook the nation to its foundation. It reverberated across Nigeria with many giving suggestions on why the young doctor, who was widely viewed as successful by Nigerian standard, did what he thought was best for him. There have not been any consensus on the possible cause of the act since Sunday when the incident happened.
In an attempt to solve the mystery, Saturday Telegraph team decided to consult the Ifa priests. But, the journey to one of the Ifa temples at Morogbo Village via Agbara, a boundary town divided by a major road that runs through to Badagry, was as tortuous as it was interesting.

The temple, however, is very popular among the inhabitants of the area. Right from the Morogbo junction, every one appears to know where it is located.

Within a few hours that the crew was ushered in, Chief Omo-Oba Olorunwa Ayekonilogbon, the priest of Ifa deity, sauntered in clad in casual robe; his lieutenants, in more expensive attires, were in circle formation. Together, they went through motions of holy ecstasy, chanting incantations.

They muttered seemingly unintelligible, perhaps, spiritual words and danced to beats of native drums. Yet, the drummers were not anywhere near the shrine. As this was going on, visitors to the temple were being tutored on how to behave in order not to incur the wrath of the gods inside the outsized edifice. Women were ordered to look away from the shrine as it is forbidden to do otherwise.

Those who came for prayers and spiritual consultations were asked to remove their footwear as a condition before stepping into the holy arena. As the first step preceding the consultations, those awaiting cleansing were taken to the inner chamber, where some invocations were made. Others clapped and danced to the priest’s tantalizing ditties.

This, according to one of the adherents, was necessary to appease the gods and ancestors. The chanting, no doubt, electrified the atmosphere. “It is everyday process of supplication here,” the priest said, after completing what looked like an obligatory ritual before commencing the business of the day.

Clearing his voice in a manner reminiscent of Chief Zebrudaya of the famed New Masquerade, Ayekonilogbon, offered a very lengthy prayer for all around, the nation and its leaders, and surprisingly to both Christian and Muslim clerics.

“We prayed for everybody here because we believe Eledumare (God Almighty) created all of us. We do not discriminate as it is the case with the Whiteman’s religions,” he told his guest, with a tone of satisfaction. After due consultation with the gods and his ancestors, Ayekonilogbon, declared emphatically that anything could have caused the death of Oji.

The young medical practitioner had brutally ended his sojourn on earth on Sunday in an unnerving manner when he plunged into the lagoon after he allegedly received a call that no one could ascertain where it came from.

Many theories and suggestions have been advanced on what might have been the likely cause of his action, the most prominent being depression.

However, the Ifa priest said, such a theory could just be a smokescreen. To him, that a bird cried at night and a child died in the morning could not be wished away as a mere coincidence.

Traditionally speaking, he said, only two theories could suffice in this case. “It is either he was controlled using an African traditional technique or the lagoon is hungry and angry.

“Considering that it was after Oji received the call that he took his life in such a cruel manner, speaks volume. If he was controlled through African traditional way, no matter how he tried to evade it, he could still have looked for or waited to get near water before taking his life.

You also know that our religion believes in destiny, it could have been his destiny as well. “Again, if you look at the rate of deaths in the lagoon in recent time, via suicide mostly, it is equally possible the water is hungry and an-gry.

What His Royal Highness, Oba Rilwan Akiolu of Lagos, needs to do now and urgently too, is to assemble credible traditionalists, I mean Ifa priests, to find out why the lagoon has suddenly become angry. All what the Babalawos need do is get close to the water, take a little for consultation. Ifa is capable and would surely reveal why all these things are happening.

Until that is done, we might be chasing shadows.” Also, Chief Yemi Elebuibon, another wellknown Ifa priest, spoke in a manner that suggests that Oji could have been ‘programmed’ (hypnotized) to do what he did. Eedi, he explained, is a bad omen in Yoruba land. “It is a great offence for a person to commit suicide; an abomination. Whoever does that is considered to have brought dishonor to his/her family.

“Yet, the traditional belief behind suicide is that some people do not just commit the act on their own, but for some mystical interventions. However, some people could find themselves in critical and unpleasant situations, and opt for suicide as the last resort instead of living to face the problem.

Whenever it happens proper inquiry is set up by the king or head of the community where it occurred to find the cause of the problem and an Ifa priest is mostly called upon to prescribe atonement to cleanse the city.”

Elebuibon nevertheless agreed that it is possible for a person to harm himself or herself without any diabolical undertone. “We live in a world where we all have personal battles. We tend to overcome them each time they arise as a result of our mental strength but sometimes they conquer us.

When this happens, a person may consider suicide as his/her last resort,” the priest told Saturday Telegraph. He said it could be diagnosed through a session of Ifa consultation.

When a person consults Ifa, according to him, the past, present and future will be revealed. “Ifa gives warning about incoming dangers and the priest analyses the root cause of a certain predicament. Signs of hypnotism can range from change in attitude, manner of speaking and so on and only people close to the person can discover this.

“However, a person suspected or confirmed to be under hypnotism should seek help immediately as failure will wreak havoc and may eventually lead to awful death of the particular person and many others. Without proper spiritual care, sometimes, the repercussions of some actions can influence a person’s life negatively.

Such a person will begin to act under the control of mystical forces,” Elebuibon added. The renowned traditionalist also said there is history of suicide in Ifa mythology and that hypnotism can only be prevented through constant consultation with Ifa for spiritual fortification.

To Ayekonilogbon, Ifa is a religion, widely worshiped mostly by the Yorubas in the South Western part of the country. The 49-year-old traditionalist hails from Ode-Erinje in Okutipupa, Ondo State.

He believes that nei- ther Christianity nor Islam – Nigeria’s two most professed religions is superior to Ifa. This may be the reason he wants Ifa to be embraced as a national religion. Ayekonilogbon says with the deity accepted Nigerians, corruption and allied vices in the country will become history.

Culled from NewTelegraph