Friday, May 19, 2017

Driver High On Marijuana Tells Police To Kill Him After Crashing Into Times Square... Photos

A driver believed to be high on synthetic marijuana plowed into pedestrians in New York City's Times Square before telling police as he was arrested: 'I wanted to kill them all.' The driver, identified as 26-year-old Richard Rojas of the Bronx, was dramatically taken into custody on Thursday after killing an 18-year-old girl and seriously injuring 22 others when he drove through crowds at the popular tourist destination.
A crazed Rojas tried to flee police immediately after crashing his maroon Honda sedan in to a pole and was pictured running across the road with his arms flailing. Police said Rojas got into a fistfight with an officer as they struggled to arrest him, before he was eventually bundled into a squad car.

Rojas allegedly told police after he was arrested that he wanted to murder the innocent pedestrians and then wanted cops to kill him as well, sources told the New York Post.

'You were supposed to shoot me. I wanted to kill them,' he told police.
Law enforcement sources say that Rojas appeared to have smoked the synthetic drug, also known as K2, before to the crash.

Others claimed he was also under the influence of PCP which causes hallucinations and mania. He told police once in custody that God made him carry out the attack, according to sources cited by CNN.
Rojas, a former Navy electrician mate fireman's apprentice who left service in 2014 and never served overseas, blew a 0.0 when tested for alcohol at the precinct following his arrest.

He was charged with one count of murder, 20 counts of attempted murder and five of aggravated vehicular homicide late on Thursday night.

"My Greatest Crime Is Being In Love With The Navy" -- Fake Naval Officer Claims. Photo

A robbery suspect, Chukwueke Kingsley, has told detectives attached to 2 Police Command, Onikan, Lagos State, that his greatest crime was in being in love with Navy to the extent that he had to pose as a naval officer. Kingsley was arrested along with Chidi Ibrahim and Alaba Akande.
The suspects were arrested after Kingsley and Ibrahim allegedly used two motorbikes to block a victim, Pascal Ume Okafor’s car, along Ijora Bridge, Apapa, around 11pm and attempted to snatch it.

The victim was driving a Toyota Corolla, 2005, when the men blocked him.

Okafor said: “There were two of them. They were on two motorbikes. They used their motorcycles to block my car on the bridge. I asked why they blocked me; they said I hit a car.

But it wasn’t true, I didn’t hit any car. Kingsley was in naval uniform, while Ibrahim was in camouflage. One of them touched me; it was like they used a charm on me. They asked for my phones and car key, I handed over everything to them. They also collected my N7,000.

They would have left with all my property, but for the timely intervention of policemen.” The Zone 2 Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Dolapo Badmus, said: “There was a heavy traffic jam on the bridge where they blocked and attempted to snatch the victim’s car.

Kingsley wore a full naval uniform. Our men were on routine patrol when they sighted the suspects robbing the victim and rushed to the scene. They arrested Ibrahim, while Kingsley ran to the naval base and returned with two naval men.

He wanted to cause trouble, but our men asked him to present his identity card. He said he has lost it. When he eventually brought it out, it was a fake.”

According to Kingsley, he is a commercial motorcycle rider and plies Mile 2 and CSM. He said that he bought the naval uniform at Badagry and gave it to a tailor, Akande, to sew. He denied attempting to rob Okafor. He explained that he was trying to assist the victim, after the latter bashed a car.

He said that the owner of the bashed car, wanted to collect N3000 from Okafor, but his intervention, using his naval uniform, saved the day.

Kingsley added that he asked Okafor to settle him, but the victim said he didn’t have enough money on him.

Kingsley said: “He said he didn’t have money. He asked me to search him. I made the mistake of searching him. When policemen came to the scene, he started shouting robbers.”

Kingsley, who had original naval crest on his beret said it was given to him by a deceased naval officer, named Marcus Mighty.

Ibrahim, who described himself as a former barber, said that he became a commercial motorbike rider to augment his income.

He said he bought the camouflage Teeshirt and short in the market. He also said that his father is a retired soldier.

Recalling the incident that led to his arrest, Ibrahim said that he didn’t rob Okafor. He explained that he was driving pass, when he noticed Kingsley and Okafor arguing.

He stopped briefly to ask what was going on and was arrested.

Akande also denied participating in the alleged robbery. According to him, he only sewed the uniform for Kingsley and was paid N500.

Kingsley later brought another naval man called Williams, who brought naval uniforms and gave him a badge to fix on one of the uniforms. He was also paid N500 for that.

Robber Beaten Mercilessly After Being Caught During Operation In University Of Ibadan..Photos

A young man who decided to rob students of the University of Ibadan got more than he bargained for after he was descended on by an angry crowd..According to reports, the man who was caught with charms -came with another thief as they tried to rob a room in Mellanby Hall... They tried to steal a phone before an alarm was raised...
The other guy ran away leaving this one to his fate as he got beaten mercilessly before he was rescued and arrested by the school security.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

World's Fattest Man Released From Hospital After Life Saving Surgery. Photos

The world's heaviest man has been discharged from hospital feeling 'happy and motivated to go back home' after undergoing stomach surgery to help him lose weight. Juan Pedro Franco, 32, in a press conference before leaving the hospital located in the city of Zapopan, in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, said: 'I hope everything is going to be fine, without problems, and that I will be able to do everything and that it works properly, doing what I am being told to do and what I have to do'.
The man, who is from the city of Aguascalientes, weighs 420 kilogrammes (926 lbs) and underwent surgery on 9th May to reduce his stomach so that it would have the capacity of a glass of wine (around 25 centimetres) instead of the five-litre capacity it had before.

He weighs 420 kilogrammes (926 lbs) and underwent surgery on 9th May to reduce his stomach

Franco received the press lying in bed in hospital, smiling and making jokes with the hospital staff with whom he usually sings and plays his guitar.
Jose Antonio Castaneda, the doctor who treated Franco, said that his recovery is 'favourable' and that he has had a surprisingly good 'evolution' since the first day of surgery.

Franco has a soft diet of baby food that he has assimilated properly, and also some nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Franco will lose weight thanks to the gastric bypass, but he will take around 18 months to be able to start to walk again, as he has had problems in his legs that do not allow him to walk and move properly.
Franco dreams of being able to walk again after being trapped in a bed for years. He has felt some changes in his body after the operation and said: 'I move a bit better, I breathe better now, I can speak without problems.'

The young man weighted 595 kilogrammes (1,311.75 lbs) and is said to be committed and aware that his case is a special case.

Graphic Photos Of The Islamic Cleric Who Was Killed Alongside His Family Members In Ogun....

Here are graphic photos of the Islamic cleric, Alhaji Abolere Ipenuren, who was killed in his home in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State alongside his wife and four children in the early hours of Tuesday... According to reports, the suspected assassins stormed the house of the National Missioner of Mujib Dawal Islamic Society, at about 2am on Tuesday.
The assassins were said to have scaled the fence and then used cutlass to hack the cleric and others in the house to death.

The incident occurred at Atiba area of Odogbolu Local Government Area.

The eldest child, a girl aged 11, her twin brothers, aged eight and the last female child, aged two were all killed.

All the victims have been buried in accordance with Muslim rites, amid wailing by sympathisers and relations.

The attackers, whose motive could not be ascertained, butchered the entire household with machetes.

Heartbroken Bride Dumped Three Days Before Her Wedding Still Attends The Ceremony Alone...

A heartbroken woman dumped by her fiancé three days before their wedding has revealed how she still walked down the aisle. After nine years and two children with her man, the white wedding Carly Akers had waited for promised to be the best day of her life.
But the bride-to-be, 30, faced the ultimate nightmare when she was jilted at the altar.

After explaining to guests she wasn’t going to be marrying Shaun (not his real name) after all, she bravely decided to walk up the aisle by herself.

Then, rather than waste the paid-for bridal suite, she stayed in it with a friend – and even went on the honeymoon alone.
After going to the reception, she then spent the wedding night in the bridal suite accompanied by a girlfriend.

She says: "Shaun claims I cheated with someone three years ago but that’s nonsense. "He is now with someone new but I feel we could have worked things out. I am getting on with life for the sake of my girls. But I won’t ever get over the pain and humiliation of being jilted at my wedding."

MASSOB Leader Pays A Courtesy Visit To IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu At His Residence. Photos

The Leader of Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Uchenna Mmadu and his team paid a visit to the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu a today at his residence in Abia state. According to reports, they discussed on issues bordering on Biafra and other related topics.

Injured Nigerian Olympic Team Star Fears He May Not Play Again After He’s Abandoned

Olympic team star Segun Oduduwa has cried out he may not play football again after he was abandoned following surgery for a major knee injury. Oduduwa, who was injured in training with Rio Olympics-bound team in May, needs a second surgery after he was first operated in Qatar.
He was in Qatar for six months after which he was sent packing following the non-payment of his medical bills and the expiration of his visa.

His bills were to have been footed by the sports ministry.

“My career is at stake. The doctors told me I must do a corrective surgery for me to be able to work again and play football,” Oduduwa told Sporting Life.

His Olympic team coach Samson Siasia will spearhead an appeal to save the career of the highly promising central defender, who helped Nigeria win the 2015 U23 AFCON in Senegal, which qualified the country for last year’s Olympics.

“Segun Oduduwa is a big prospect and he has the talent ro be Nigeria’s best central defender,” he said.

“I would be glad if the (sports) minister) and the NFF could assist him to go for this corrective surgery.”

Nurse Accused Of Giving Late Adeleke Drug Overdose Speaks On How Lawmaker Died..

Alfred Aderibigbe, the nurse who treated Isiaka Adeleke, senator who represented Osun west in the 8th assembly, has denied administering a drug overdose on the late politician. Speaking when he appeared before a coroner inquest on Thursday, Aderibigbe told Olusegun Ayilara, the chief magistrate, that all the drugs he administered on the deceased in normal dosage.
He said he had been treating the late senator in the last 15 years and that the drugs he gave Adeleke the day he died were those the late politician gave to him.

“The senator gave me his drugs which he brought from Lagos to keep on the evening of Monday, April 17, with the understanding that when he wants to take them, he will call me to bring them,” he said.

“On Sunday, April 23, at about 4am, I was, however, woken up by two men from the senator who banged on my gate and later informed me that the senator had been calling my phone and that I was not picking my calls.

“They said the senator needed me to come and treat him and that I should bring his drugs along.

“I later went inside to get them and also found the calls I missed on my phone.

“I called the senator but his friend, one Dipo Fagborode, picked his call.

“As he was explaining what was going on, the senator himself collected the phone and asked me to come quickly that he was having serious knee pains.

“When I got to the senator’s house, he asked for his drugs and gave me his prescription which contained the dose I was to administer on him.

“The drugs which the senator kept with me that was to be administered on him were Analgin injection, Diazepam injection, photroine injection and hydrocortisone.

“But the senator said I should not give him hydrocortisone because when he took it in Lagos, he had headache and was also vomiting.

“So the other drugs was what I gave him and they were in the right dosage.

“Even when the prescription said he should be given 20mg of diazepam, I had to limit it to 10mg because I discovered he had taken some oral pain painkillers.

“The two other injections I gave him were in the right proportion too– 50mg of Analgin and 1mg of photroine.

“I waited for him to sleep and finish the drip/water I had already placed him on before I took my leave around 7:30 am.

“The reason I took my leave was to inform my church because the day was a Sunday and I would not be able to teach the Sunday class.

“ I returned back to the Adeleke residence by 9:30 am.

“Before I left, I had told the senator’s friend, who was with me throughout the treatment, to watch over him.

“When I returned, I found the senator in the sleeping position I left him, and on closer observation, his heart rate had dropped and his pulse was faint.

“I quickly gave him cardiac massage and called on his friend, Dipo, to assist me and when the situation was beyond my control, I raised an alarm and he was quickly rushed to Biket hospital.

“By the time we got him to Biket hospital, the CMD, Dr Adebisi Adenle, examined his body and pronounced him “Brought in Dead.”

He asked his friend what happen and he was told that the deceased complained of knee joint pain (gout) and that I gave him some treatment.

“The doctor now asked me what drugs I administered on the deceased and I told him,” he said.

“He then said it was the normal drug treatment for gout.

“But as the empty containers and the previous drugs the deceased had taken were brought to the hospital on the doctor’s request, lies broke out that he died of overdose.

“The lies were generated by the crowd that had gathered at the hospital because Sen. Adeleke’s campaign bus and his Escalade were used to convey him to the hospital.

“As they drove against traffic, people got the hint that he was in trouble and gathered to find out more.”

Aderibigbe said after the incident, he was arrested by the police and detained till May 2 before he was granted bail.

He said since he was granted bail, he had not returned to work or his house in Ede, having been placed under protective custody.

Ayilara lamented that he had now been accused of killing Adeleke while his wife and children had fled from the family home.

In earlier testimonies before the coroner, the Chief Medical Director of Ladoke Akintola University Teaching Hospital, Osogbo, Akeem Lasisi, said Adeleke died of drug overdose.

The consultant pathologist, who carried out the autopsy on Adeleke’s corpse, Taiwo Sholaja, also claimed that he died of drug overdose.

The coroner’s sitting was later adjourned till Friday.

Source; TheCable

Female Lagos State Polytechnic Student Commits Suicide By Drinking 'Sniper'. Photos

This is quite sad. A Lagos State Polytechnic student identified as Damilola Adegoke has allegedly committed suicide days after sharing words of encouragement on Facebook. According to her mourning friends, she killed herself by drinking "Sniper"....

Photos Of Daniel Amokachi And His Cute Family As He Gets Promoted By Finnish Club.

Here are lovely photos of former Super Eagles captain and striker, Daniel Amokachi, who has been elevated to the position of Technical Director of Finnish League side, JS Hercules. Daniel Amokachi was appointed coach of the team in January 2016, but will now work with the team in a bigger capacity.
The former Nigeria international revealed the information on his Instagram page on Wednesday.

"Excited to announce that I will be transitioning to the role of #TechnicalDirector at @jshercules #theamokachis #kakkonen #football #futbol,” amokachi wrote.

D. Amokachi took the time to explain the decision to the first team together with the chairman : “It was hard for me and for the players but we all know that this is better for the team. I still go to the training sessions and I will continue to help them with one on one sessions to improve their football skills“. In this way, D. Amokachi will continue as a valued member of the team while focusing on other aspects of club work.

Police Officer Feared Dead As Armed Men Attack Check Point In Onitsha....

Two armed men operating on a motorcycle on Wednesday reportedly killed a police officer and made away with his AK47 riffle in Onitsha, Anambra. The incident occurred barely three weeks after a police inspector was killed at a road block at Ugwunwasike round-about, Ogidi near Onitsha.
An eyewitness, who pleaded anonymity, said Wednesday’s incident occurred at about 3.30pm at a check point near Nkpor junction.

The source said the hoodlums shot the policeman at close range, collected his riffle and sped-off, adding that the incident made people around and other police officers scamper for safety.

Efforts to get further details of the deceased and the mortuary where his body was deposited from the Ogidi Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Mr Mark Jafaru was not successful.

Jafaru said the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mrs Nkeiru Nwode was in a better position to comment on the development.

However, when Nwode was contacted on phone, she said “I have not been brief on that; when I am fully briefed, I will brief you people.”

Wednesday’s incident makes it the third reported case of gun snatching around Onitsha this year by armed men with police officers being allegedly killed in the process. (NAN)

Oh Lawd! See The Raunchy Photos This "Crazy" Lady Posted On Social Media..(18+)

This is quite shameful! This is what a lady decided to post on social media in order to drive her "male fans" crazy.. This is really crazy.

Jilted Lady Kidnaps Her Ex-boyfriend At Gunpoint On His Wedding Day....

A spurned girlfriend is said to have kidnapped her boyfriend at gunpoint on his wedding day when he was due to tie the knot with a love rival. Ashok Yadav, from Mohanpurwa in Banda district, was getting married to a girl from Maudaha in Hamirpur on Monday night when his ex burst in with six armed men.
They bundled the groom into the back of the car and sped away as hundreds of guests watched on in horror.

Ashok, a compounder, is understood to have had an affair with a local girl before breaking it off early last year.

His family then set him up with his wife and they got engaged.

When the ex-lover heard he was getting married, she begged him repeatedly not to go through with it and even tried to get his parents to call it off, according to police.

A police official involved in the investigation told the Times of India: 'The armed men took Ashok at gunpoint and threatened him to accompany them.

'After bundling him on the rear seat of a car, they sped away,' a police official said.

He was missing for more than 24 hours before the authorities managed to locate him on Tuesday night.

One of the wedding guests said the abduction happened when the couple were going through their tikka rituals - the branding of the forehead with a red mark.

Deputy Superintendent of Hamirpur Police BK Mishra said they launched a manhunt and got in touch with the groom's family, but as of yet, no complaint has been filed.

Assemblies Of God Members Dance Gloriously After Supreme Court Victory. Photos

Members of the Assemblies Of God Nigeria were pictured dancing in a joyous mood at the Ongoing National Assemblies Of God Thanksgiving Service following the Supreme Court Victory. Three months after a legal victory, the Assemblies of God Nigeria scheduled a special thanksgiving service today to commemorate the Supreme Court ruling after a protracted legal battle between the church and her former leader, Prof. Paul Emeka.
A statement signed by Mr Joel Ejiofor, the National Press Secretary of the Church said the special service is billed for the national headquarters in Enugu, adding: “We are thanking God as a church because God defended His name and for all His benefits He has given to Assemblies of God as a church.

“The executive committee of the Church thought it wise to hold this special thanksgiving service unto God because of the great wonders He did on February 24, 2017 at the Supreme Court where the case brought against the church by its former leader in 2014 was laid to rest and God gave the church victory".